Whins Green Kitchen Website Now Live!

What a fantastic looking vegan/vegetarian kitchen. I was delighted with the honour of creating a website for Whins Green Kitchen, the food looks incredible, the views are stunning and the staff are very friendly.

While designing this website I thought it was vital to send an immediate message to the visitor showing the great food on offer so as you click onto the page you see a selection of 4 delicious plates which will grab your attention straight away and make you want to stay on the website, after all why would you visit a kitchens website if not to see whats on offer!

As well as the images of the mouth watering food I have included an interactive google map so visitors can find Whins Green Kitchen, there is a contact page with quick access to make a booking or if visitors prefer then they can submit a simple form.

What would a kitchen or restaurant website be without a menu! The menus have been added as downloadable PDF files but can also be displayed as text should the website owner wish.


If you would like any more information on having your own website created by Anaweb then please contact us.