Plush Interiors New eCommerce website

What a great up and coming interior design business, there are some superb products available form Plush Interior Services.

First of Plush wanted an elegant and stunning design to show of what they are about which is done with a interactive slider initially and then scrolling down the page there is a selection of different product categories to choose from.

There was a few challenges with this website, one was they wanted customers to be able to request a designer to come and design a room for them so we created a simple questionnaire to give the designers an idea of what the customer wants, at the end of the questionnaire to ensure that the customer really wants to go through with the design consultation they are charged the consultation fee which finalises the booking.

Another challenge of this website was the option to have bespoke made blinds, a simple calculator would multiply a length by a width and then give you a price based on the area. Well the pricing structure was a bit different on this one and fell into brackets of different area measurements making the price calculator a lot more complex but we managed it and it is now fully functional for customers to use.

The shopping cart is linked to paypal, there are however many other payment gateways available which we can link to depending on your current or desired set up.

To see the website in action click here:

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