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Do you have a website ready for another Lockdown?

As another period of lockdown looms over us and a world of distance and limited contact has become the norm most businesses have moved online.

You need to ask yourself:

‘Is someone who is stuck at home able to find out about my business, what we do, what we sell and where we are?’

If the answer to that question is no then now is the time to act.

If you haven’t done already then you are a bit behind but that’s ok, there is still time to get your own website up and running.

Even without lockdown, having a website is a great way to easily display your business over the internet to large numbers of people and potential customers or visitors.

So a website for your organisation is a worthwhile investment that will last long beyond lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic.

If you would like a quote for a website, some help adapting a current website or a free consultation then please get in touch, fill in the form below or visit our contact page.

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