‘Cake my Day’ New website for Lisa Jayne Cakes

Now here is some real talent. Take a look at these incredible looking and very delicious cakes by Lisa.

How else do you showcase incredible and award winning creations than with a website of your own. A selection of Lisa’s finest creations have been placed in a carousel slider at the top of the page. So visitors are instantly greeted by what they are looking for, stunning cakes!!

Lisa’s gallery page is linked to her instagram. When a new creation is posted on instagram it is also displayed on the website gallery, so no need to duplicate work and separately post a new picture on the website.

Following from the style and colours of the logo, we used this to influence the colour theme used throughout the website.

As with all websites developed by Anaweb there is a SSL certificate installed making your website secure and giving you more credibility with your visitors.

If you would like to see the Lisa Jayne Cakes website then follow the link below.


If you would like any more information on having your own website created by Anaweb then please contact us.